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Tired of the same old commuting grind everyday?  Here is information on faster and more affordable transportation alternatives for easy commuting, plus tips and tools to improve your commute experience.

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Alternative Transportation Options

Discover your options - cars to bikes, buses, trains, ferries and more...


FREE Ridematch Services!RideMAtch

Are you looking for a carpool, vanpool or bike buddy?  Here you can create a commute profile to find matches specifically for you.  Solano Mobility participates in the regional ridesharing services, an interactive, on-demand system that helps you find carpools, vanpools or bicycle partners. It's all free to you. 


Solano Express Bus

SolanoExpressSolanoExpress routes connect cities within Solano County and provides service to multiple BART stations, Davis and Sacramento. 


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Do you need more more information?  You can receive transit, bicycling and incentive information by mail. Fill out our online request form.  


Spare the AirSpare the Air Days

Reduce air pollutants on Spare the Air Days.  For Spare the Air alerts:

  For Napa County, Benicia, Fairfield, Suisun City, Vallejo
  For Dixon, Rio Vista, Vacaville