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Vanpooling is a convenient way to get to work, especially for people who work far from home. Official vanpools have 7 to 15 passengers, including the driver who usually rides for free.The vehicle may be owned by one of the vanpoolers or leased from an approved vanpool vendor. Vanpools with 11 -15 passengers that register with us or 511 get TOLL-FREE PASSAGE on the Bay Area's seven state-owned toll bridges (Antioch, Benicia-Martinez, Carquinez, Dumbarton, Richmond-San Rafael, San Mateo-Hayward and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge).

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does vanpooling work?  Tell me more...

FREE Ridematch services!RideMAtch

Are you looking for a carpool, vanpool or bike buddy? Here you can create a commute profile to find matches specifically for you Solano Mobility participates in the regional ridesharing services, an interactive, on-demand system that helps you find carpools, vanpools or bicycle partners. It's all free to you

Vanpool Incentives

New, qualifying vanpools and back-up drivers can earn from $100 to $300 in gas cards, receive preferential parking, and enjoy additional special incentives in some areas.

Be a Vanpool Driver

There are many reasons for you to be a vanpool driver. Are you currently driving to work?  If you’re interested in saving money and time on that same commute, then driving a vanpool can help you.  Contact our Call Center (800)-535-6883 for assistance. Tell me more...

Park & Ride Lots

Free, convenient Park & Ride lots make great places to meet your carpool.

HOV Lanes

HOV LaneHigh-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes are a commuter’s best friend during commute hours. You can breeze by traffic and cut your commute time.  To drive in carpool lanes during your commute, you must be in a carpool, vanpool, public transit vehicle, or riding a motorcycle. Single-occupant hybrid vehicles are also permitted in carpool lanes during designated commute hours.

Carpool lanes vary in their hours of operation and the minimum number of people per car. Verify details for the lane(s) on your commute. Follow the guidelines, as a violation of HOV lane use can result in a minimum $490 fine.

During non-commute hours, carpool lanes revert to general traffic use.

Bridge Tolls

Benicia-Martinez Bridge Toll PlazaMake sure to check what the current toll is before you head out:

Bay Area Bridge Tolls

FasTrak Carpools get discounted bridge tolls during peak commute hours with FasTrak and access to carpool lanes.  (Carpools consists of 3 or more people per vehicle)

Emergency Ride Home

If you work in Solano county, you can rest assured as you carpool, vanpool, take transit, bike, or walk to work that your employer and Solano Mobility will be there for you in an emergency.  Enrollment in the Emergency Ride Home program provides employees with a free taxi ride or a 24-hour car rental in case of a bonafide emergency.

If you work in another county, ask us if you need assistance finding the Emergency Ride Home program there.  Nearly all Bay Area counties have one.

Commuter Tax Benefits

Commuter Tax BenefitsDid you know that you could save up to 40% on your commuting costs? Whether you use public transportation or vanpools, take advantage of the Commuter Tax Benefit by using pre-tax dollars for your commuting expenses; it can save you money every year.  Tell me more...