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Biking & Walking

Bicycling is not only for recreation and exercise, it can also be a practical, healthy and affordable alternative to driving to work. Solano Mobility offers information and resources to encourage bicycling generally and bike commuting in particular.

Bike Maps

Solano Mobility’s SolanoYolo Bikelinks Map is a free map that covers Solano County, most of Yolo County and portions of southern Napa County. It was developed to encourage residents and visitors to bicycle by designating the suitability and safety of many of the roads in Solano County. It also contains other useful bicycle information. Click here to download 2015 Solano Yolo BikeLinks map.

The Napa County Bike Map is a similar map produced by the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency (NCTPA). Click here to download the maps.

What's New in Bicycling?

Check out the latest news and recently completed bicycle and pedestrian projects, including the 2017 Top 10 Rides in Solano County!

Bucks for BikesBucks for Bikes

Solano Mobility offers an incentive of up to $100 for individuals who purchase a new bicycle for commuting. To qualify, applicants must live or work in Solano or Napa counties and meet additional requirements.  Download application.

Bikes on Transit

Bicycles are allowed on most Bay Area transit systems (usually no extra fee), with various restrictions. Download Solano & Napa County Info (132KB, pdf) For the rest of the Bay Area, follow this link.

Free Bike Mapping Services

511’s Bike Mapper is an online tool that allows users to see bike routes (including highways, roads, and where available, bike lanes and paths) throughout the Bay Area, including Solano and Napa County, and to map their own routes using the route builder feature.

Bicycling Resource Guide

Take a look at this web page with various bike-related links.

Bike to Work Day Promotion

Held each year in mid-May, the Bike to Work Day campaign encourages commuters in Solano County (and region-wide) to try bicycling to work. Participants receive free bike bags and other goodies and are entered into prize drawings; employers encourage their employees to bike to work; Energizer Stations are set up on Bike to Work Day; and a Team Bike Challenge offers a friendly competition between teams of co-workers throughout May. Learn more...

Walking in Solano and Napa Counties


Walking is an ideal form of commuting to and from work if you live within a few miles of your destination. Walking offers an opportunity to get in shape, greatly reduce your commute costs and help lower your ‘carbon footprint.’

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