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Emergency Ride Home

If you use a commute alternative like transit, carpool, or vanpool to get to work in Solano County or Napa County, you can get a free ride home in an emergency. 

Now you can use easy, alternative ways to commute – and feel secure that you’ll have a ride home in case of an emergency or other unexpected event. Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is a free service from Solano Napa Commuter Information (SNCI), providing vouchers for taxis or rental cars.

We will provide a free emergency ride home if:

  • You have used alternative transportation to get to work on the day you use an Emergency Ride Home voucher: carpool, vanpool, train, ferry, bus, walk or bicycle (motorcycles are not considered an alternative mode); and
  • You or an immediate family member suffers an illness or severe crisis that requires your immediate attention; or
  • After the start of your shift or workday, your employer requests that you work unscheduled overtime (supervisor authorization is required); or
  • Your ridesharing vehicle breaks down or the driver has to unexpectedly stay late or leave early.

You may make emergency-related stops on your way home.
For full details on the Policies & Procedures for the Emergency Ride Home Program, click here.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Step 1: If your company participates in the ERHP, fill out a registration form and submit it to SNCI by mail or fax. (If you’re not sure whether your company is enrolled in the ERHP, please contact SNCI or your Human Resources department to ask. If the company isn’t enrolled, please tell Human Resources department that you are interested and ask them to contact SNCI.)
  • Step 2: SNCI will send you a welcome packet with an ERHP voucher and complete instructions on how to use it.
  • Step 3: If you use a commute alternative to get to work and need an Emergency Ride Home, contact the approved taxi provider or rental car company and ask for an ERH. Fill out the voucher and present it to the transportation provider. You’ll get a ride home at no charge to you! Later, SNCI will mail you a brief survey – when you return it, you’ll receive a new voucher.

Download Employer Registration Form

Download Employee Registration Form