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Free Services and Tools

Want to help your employees find better, more economical ways to get to work? SNCI offers a variety of free services and tools to help you put together a successful Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program at your worksite.  Contact SNCI's Employer Outreach Specialist Sorel Klein at 800-535-6883 or for assistance.

Employer Consultation

SNCI staff has a wealth of knowledge about programs to save your company money, make your employees happier, improve productivity and decrease time lost sitting in traffic. Explore your options and learn how your company and employees can benefit from commute alternatives by scheduling a short 30 minute meeting with SNCI’s employer outreach specialist.  We can come to your worksite at your convenience, provide an overview of SNCI’s services and discuss your company’s specific needs.

Marketing and Outreach

Promoting commute alternatives at your worksite is easy. We'll provide you with all the materials and advice you need to create a great worksite promotion.  Call SNCI's employer outreach specialist to learn more about promoting commute alternatives at your worksite.

Onsite Events

As part of our marketing and outreach services, SNCI will participate in employee events, such as health and transportation fairs, at your worksite. Events are a great way to promote commute alternatives to your employees and provide them an opportunity to directly meet and talk with SNCI staff about their commute options.  Contact the SNCI employer outreach specialist to plan an event.

Commute Analysis

To select the best services for your company overall, a commute analysis is a good place to start.  Using a list of employee home zip codes and work shifts, or a quick and easy survey, SNCI will identify 1) What cities your employees come from; 2) How many miles  they travel round trip;  3) How  they get to and from work on various days and work shifts.  It is important to get the most accurate picture as possible of current commute patterns so we can tailor our recommendations to your company and best serve your employees.

Online Carbon Reduction Tool

See how small changes in employee commutes have a significant impact on the environment. Input basic information about your company, and the carbon reduction tool will provide metrics about your current emissions from employee commutes. Adjust the sliders to recalculate the results and see how changes in your commute program can reduce carbon emissions.

Display racks/Brochures

Transit schedules, commuter information guides, bicycle maps and other brochures are available from SNCI. We can also provide a display rack and/or wall map to make it convenient to display these items in a break room or other location accessible to employees.

Vanpool Formation Assistance/Support

If vanpooling may be an option at your worksite, we can help your employees set up vanpools from start to finish. With your interest or assistance, SNCI can host a vanpool formation meeting at your worksite.  In addition, vanpools can save employees money and increase the likelihood they will arrive at work refreshed rather than stressed. SNCI offers several incentives in the form of gasoline cards to vanpool start-ups, new vanpool drivers and backup drivers.

Vanpool page

Carpooling/Ridematching/Transit Trip Planning

Finding a way to work has never been easier! SNCI participates in the regional ridematching services, an interactive, on-demand system that helps you find carpools, vanpools or bicycle partners.  With just a few clicks, the SNCI Rideshare Program's RideMatch Service instantly matches individuals with other people making the same commute.  SNCI also offers transit trip planning by telephone.  Just call 800-535-6883.

Relocation Assistance

If your business is in the process of moving or planning a move in the future, SNCI Program staff can facilitate a smooth transition for you and your employees.  Just call the SNCI employer outreach specialist to help you create a customized transportation plan for your employees.

Bucks for Bikes  

SNCI offers an incentive of up to $100 for individuals who purchase a new bicycle for commuting. To qualify, applicants must live or work in Solano or Napa County and meet additional requirements. Click here to see more information/print an application. [incentive request form ] 

Emergency Ride Home

Let us make it easier for you to support your employees' commute to work.  In Solano and Napa counties SNCI's Emergency Ride Home Program provides employees peace of mind when trying transit, carpooling, vanpooling, walking or biking to work.  Join the dozens of employers and hundreds of employees participating in SNCI's Emergency Ride Home Program.

Commuter Tax Benefit

Current federal tax law allows employers to purchase transit passes, or offer vanpool subsidies for your employees as a pre-tax payroll deduction, or offer it as a tax-free benefit to your employees. It’s a great way to save on payroll taxes while encouraging your employees to commute to work by transit or vanpool. For more information, click here: .