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Bike to Work Day



Held each year in mid-May, the Bike to Work Day campaign encourages commuters in Solano and Napa County (and region-wide) to try bicycling to work. Participants receive free bike bags and other goodies and are entered into prize drawings. Employers encourage their employees to bike to work and Energizer Stations are set up on Bike to Work Day. A Team Bike Challenge offers a friendly competition between teams of co-workers throughout May.

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2017 Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day 2017 was a great success!

Cloudy skies gave way to sun in the afternoon as bicycle riders all across Solano County joined together with the rest of the Bay Area on May 11, 2017 to ride their bikes to work! In Solano County, we had a fantastic turnout! 442 cyclists visited 14 energizer station locations to receive snacks, tote bags, and other free goodies. A fun time was had by all!


2017 Solano County Bike Commuter of the Year 

 William Galusha of Dixon

William Galusha participated in the annual Solano Commute Challenge and rode his bicycle to work more times than any other commuter in the county. How did he set such a record? A production worker at Insulfoam in Dixon, William has commuted by bike nearly every workday for 18 years. Every once in a while - if it's rainy, he's getting over a cold or has to go somewhere directly after work that is a little bit further away - he'll drive. But even with that, over the course of the year he'll ride his bike about 80 percent of the time.

Since he lives in Dixon, William's commute is just across town. Many times, he's found that riding his bike is faster than driving. And as a bonus, his cycling frees up the family car so his wife can use it to commute to her own job. William says "Biking to work saves money and is most convenient." He encourages others to "just do it" and make the move to biking to work.



Team Bike Challenge Winner: To be announced! 


Check out our energizer stations! 

A bike commuter stops by the Suisun Train Depot
to pick up snacks from Supervisor Jim Spering
and STA staff!


Stopping by the Benicia Bridge energizer station 


A cyclist pedals away with a Bike to Work Day
tote bag at the Vallejo Ferry building 


Handing out bags to cyclists at the
Solano County Government Center in Fairfield

 Mayor Augustine

Mayor Len Augustine poses with a bike at the Vaca Valley energizer station near the Vacaville Kaiser 

  Capitol Corridor Bicyclist

Commuter boards the Capitol Corridor with
his bike at the Suisun Amtrak station 



2016 Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day 2016 was a fun and successful day! 

A sunny day greeted the new and veteran riders alike in Solano and Napa County as they joined the Bay Area on May 12, 2016 to celebrate the 22nd Annual Bike to Work Day. In Solano County 400 cyclists visited the 19 Energizer Station locations where they received water, breakfast treats, and messenger bags stuffed with bike-related goodies to get them on their way to a healthy commute! 


Solano County's Bike Commuter of the Year:
2016 BCOY Mitch Korcyl
Mitch Korcyl of Vacaville, 2016 Bike Commuter of the Year


Team Bike Challenge Winner- Team Genentech!  (photo coming soon)



Cycling into an engerizer station.


A group of bicyclists sign in at the Solano Government Plaza as Supervisor Jim Spering and City of  Fairfield Mayor Harry Price talk to their constituents.

SolTrans staff busy passing along tote bag.

City of  Benicia Mayor Elizabeth Paterson looks on as two cyclists shake hands. 


Supervisor Jim Spering, City of Suisun City Mayor Pete Sanchez and Mike Segala enjoying early morning at the Suisun City Amtrak Train Station. 

Laughter abond as this energizer station as this cyclist signs in. 


2015 Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day 2015 was yet another success! 

The forecast of rain could not keep the over 670 bike commuters in Solano and Napa Counites from participating in the Bike to Work Day's 21st anniversary celebration. Warmed by the excitement from their commutes - many for the first time - and cheered on at 28 Energizer Station locations, participants turned a normal Thursday commute into an occasion to be remembered. 

2015 BCOY- Mack Halsted

2015 Bike Commuter of the Year- Solano County

Mack Halsted

BTWD 2015 BCOY- Napa- Jim Christman 

2015 Bike Commuter of the Year- Napa County

Jim Christman


City of Benicia Mayor Elizabeth Paterson with Benicia Bike Club in Benicia

btwd 2015 suisun depot 3 

At the Suisun City Amtrak Station energizer station many cylcists stopped by to get their goodies on their way to work.

btwd 2015 napa bike station

Cyclists in Napa could recharge with a bikie powered smoothie machine at the energizer station on the Commuter Bike Path and  Soscol. 


Vacaville Transportation Center cyclist get's her bag on her way to work. 

Btwd 2015 - NCTPA & Happy biker

A very happy cyclist at the energizer station at NCTPA

btwd 2015 Mayor and Genentech rider

City of Vacaville Mayor, Len Augustine, visits with Genentech Employee at the energizer station at Vacavalley Parkway. 

btwd 2015 suisun depot 3

Cyclist stopped  in groves at the energizer station in Suisun City. 

btwd 2015 American Canyon

American Canyon energizer station staff member waiting for cyclists at the Community Park. 

btwd 2015 oxbow

Staff at the Oxbow Public Market teamed up Napa River Velo, offering tune-ups for cyclists while they get their refreshments. 

btwd 2015 Ferry

Ferry riders were greated with smiles at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal despite the chilly weather. 

btwd 2015 suisun depot 1

Cyclists were greated with smiles at the Suisun City Amrak station.

btwd 2015 NCTPA & bike on bus

This cyclist was extra green- using public transportation in addition to riding his bike to the Soscol Gateway Transit Center in Napa. 


btwd 2015 Vacavalley biker


Cloudy skies did not stop this happy rider in Vacaville at the Energizer Station on Vacavlley Parkway


Previous Bike to Work Day Promotion Results