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New Napa Vanpool Incentive Program

Share the Ride - New Napa Valley Vanpool Program now open!
Qualified vanpools are eligible to receive a $600/month subsidy.

Forget about driving to work on your own if you live or work in Napa County. Through a combination of federal and regional funds, qualified vanpools that begin or end in Napa County are eligible to receive $600 per month for up to one year.

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The Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) is excited to announce approximately $83,000 in subsidies available to commuters who use vanpools.  Qualified vanpools that begin or end in Napa County are eligible to receive $600 per month for up to one year, which can cover roughly 50- 80% of the monthly lease cost. 

Rather than driving to work on your own, if you live or work in Napa County, NVTA wants to encourage you to try out commuting by vanpool. Riding in a vanpool can drastically cut your commute costs, while giving you more time to sleep, read or just relax.

A vanpool is a group of people with a common pickup location (near home address), destination (workplace) and work schedule, who ride in a vehicle with 7 to 15 seats. Group members divide the cost of the van, monthly rental, gas, insurance and other costs among themselves.

Eligible vanpools must have an origin and/or destination in Napa County and will receive $600 per month, per van, up to a maximum of $7,200 per van.  Vanpools must begin with a 70% occupancy rate, and must maintain a 50% occupancy rate to receive subsequent monthly subsides. If occupancy rate falls below 50%, incentive will stop until occupancy rate meets minimum rate. If occupancy rate returns to the 50%  occupancy rate within 6 months, incentive will resume at the remainder of allocated funds. If occupancy rate does not return to the miniumum 50% after 6 months any remaining incentive funds will be forfieted.

Vanpool must be a new vanpool, not on the road for more than 6 months prior to appilcation date.

To apply for the incentive please complete the "Start-up Form" below. For complete program details and guidelines, review the "Incentive Program Information" below.


2016 Napa Valley Vanpool Incentive Program Information

Napa Valley Vanpool Program Start-up Form (Attachment A)

Napa Valley Vanpool Program Monthly Report (Attachment B)


There are many great reasons to start and drive a vanpool. Most vanpool drivers commute for free and get to meet lots of interesting people.

To start your own vanpool, you’ll need to:

  1. Have at least seven passengers
  2. Register with the SNCI Rideshare Program's RideMatch Service and select one of the "yes" options under "Do you drive a vanpool?"
When you register your vanpool with the SNCI Rideshare Program we’ll help you every step of the way and give you access to great cost-saving benefits. 

Our vanpool consultant will help you: 

  • Determine the feasibility of starting a vanpool
  • Coordinate vanpool information and formation meetings
  • Lease a van with one of our preferred vanpool vendors; OR show you how you can use your own van for a vanpool
  • Recruit back-up drivers and passengers
  • Obtain discounted parking permits for downtown Oakland and San Francisco
  • Obtain free bridge toll passes for non-commute hours on most Bay Area bridges
We’ll also: 
  • Run free motor vehicle record checks
  • Provide partial medical exam reimbursements ($75 each/up to two drivers per van) for commuter vans
  • To download a request form for a medical reimbursement and/or vanpool incentives, click here
Check out these helpful links and resources: 
Questions? Call today at 707-399-3210 or log on to the SNCI Rideshare Program's RideMatch Service and register to start a vanpool, view a list of commuters along your route and receive our personalized vanpool services.